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How to choose semi truck tires?

Selecting heavy-truck tires to fit your job requirements, service applications and tread needs can be tricky, but GCR is here to help you learn how to pick the best tires. Choosing the right tire for your purpose is essential in maximizing tire life and minimizing tire cost per mile. Our guide to buying new tires includes general guidelines on selecting the right tire tread types to fit your road needs.



Truck tire tread designs are created to address a variety of needs and applications. The tire tread design helps enable the tire to provide good service under a variety of conditions. It’s important to prioritize tire needs based on your requirements. Here is a list of common tire needs:

Your tires are one of the most hard-working parts of your truck. Therefore, they should be high-quality tires and be properly maintained. Every driver dreads the day when their tires give out. So, quality semi-truck tires are the best investment to keep your truck running at peak performance. It is essential to know how to choose the proper tires for your truck so you can easily replace your old ones. A quality truck tire should also guarantee your safety so you can get to your destination on time and with cargo intact. Here are some tips on choosing the right tires for your truck.

Types of Truck Tires

Truck tires come in three main types that you should consider if you are wondering what kind of tire you should buy:

All-season tires: These are the most common type of tires for commercial trucks. These are great for on-road performance in a truck without limiting performance. All-season truck tires help keep your driving as consistent as possible while allowing space for any performance modifications, such as fuel economy and on-road handling dynamics.

All-terrain tires: These tires are for both on-road and off-road driving. All-terrain tires are very durable and provide you with high performance to handle any road you drive on. They also drive well through deep snow or on rough, uneven rural roads.

Mud-terrain: Mud-terrain tires have the most rugged appearance and give you maximum off-road performance. They are engineered to accumulate a lot of miles in difficult off-road environments, so they should only be used on the road about 20% of the time.

Take Load Capacity into Consideration

When looking to buy new tires for your truck, you should consider the weight of your transporting load. If you are consistently carrying heavy loads, your tires will be under heavy strain. Make sure you take load capacity into full consideration when choosing your commercial truck tires. Ask your tire manufacturer about the capacity and the potential performance level under various amounts of stress. This can help ensure you keep you safe and your vehicle in peak condition.

Grip and Performance Levels

The surface of a semi-truck tire can affect performance quality. Harder tires are best suited for durability and endurance. They also provide better fuel efficiency. However, in certain conditions, harder truck tires may cause a decrease in traction. They may also affect comfort when driving.

On the other hand, softer semi-truck tires grip the road better by design. They also provide a smoother ride than harder tires, but they also tend to wear down faster. Fuel efficiency is generally lower with softer tires as well.

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How to choose semi truck tires?

How to Choose the Right Tires for Your Semi-Truck -


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