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What causes oil to leak?

What causes oil to leak?

Preventing oil leaks

Your vehicle’s engine relies on motor oil that is recirculated throughout the engine to keep everything running smooth. If any of the oil leaks out, it can lead to engine damage. Preventing the oil from leaking out is a variety of gaskets and seals. Simply put, gaskets are your engine’s last line of defense for preventing leaks.

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If you discover oil spots in your garage or driveway, it needs to be investigated to determine if a gasket or seal has failed and is no longer doing its job. Read on to learn why gaskets and seals can develop leaks and which gaskets are most susceptible to leaking oil.

Why do gaskets leak?

Gaskets are required do their jobs inside of your engine, which is a pretty hostile place to work. Constant exposure to high temperatures, high pressures, vibrations and contact with hot fluids over a period of time will cause even the best gasket or seal to develop leaks. Except for very rare cases of catastrophic failure, gasket leaks start out as small drips that you may first notice as spots under your car. These may lead to unsightly stains that appear on your parking spot and eventually become more prevalent if not taken care of.

There is a natural tendency to dismiss the importance of small leaks of oil and put them on the list of things to fix later – but resist putting it off. Even small leaks can mean big expenses down the road if they are ignored. What starts out as a relatively easy fix can quickly turn into a major issue. Even a small leak can cause you to lose a quart of oil in no time.

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Low oil levels can cause engine problems

Top 8 Reasons for an Engine Oil Leak (+ Signs, Fixes, Costs)

Engine oil is critical for lubricating and keeping the engine’s metal components free from dirt and debris. 

So, if you have an engine oil leak, it’s not only messy but potentially catastrophic for your engine and personal safety. 

This post will explore the top eight causes and five common signs of engine oil leaking from your car. We’ll also examine the severity, safety for driving, repair costs, common fixes, and other engine fluid leaks.


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